Achieving different (better) results means using a different (better) approach — and ours is certainly different

After all, it’s been developed and refined over the last 21+ years, and it continues to be adapted to serve the ever-changing business landscape.

Has there been a moment (or perhaps many a moment) when you’ve known the right way forward for your organisation, but have been unable to follow through because of red tape, rigid structures or another decision-maker saying, “this is how we’ve always done it”? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Experiencing too many of these moments while working in project management inside very large organisations was what inspired Penmark’s creation — and a new style of business improvement consulting along with it. It became clear that the answers to business problems lay in addressing the needs of the people within that business and not in simply following a process.

Meet your business improvement experts

A few things we’re great at

Why Penmark is the perfect business improvement partner for your organisation

adaptable experts who never stop learning

Our experts are all selected for their extensive LEAN and consulting experience, successful executive industry experience, as well as their commitment to learning. Every organisation we go into is different, and while the issues those organisations face aren’t unique, the approaches we develop for them are. Our flexibility during the lifecycle of a project means we avoid commercial arguments and unnecessary variations to scope.

transfer knowledge rather than hoard it

Knowledge is power, and we want you to have as much power as possible once we’ve exited your organisation. How does that power get transferred? Through your people. One of our biggest jobs is to educate them on what’s important so they can go on to maximise your current and future results, thanks to increased competence and capacity.

integrity is integral

You don’t hire business improvement consultants to come in and cut your workforce for the sake of it. (That’s easy for them, difficult for you.) You hire improvement consultants to assess your particular business challenges from all angles, engage your workforce in the process and deliver cost-efficient and time-efficient results.

hands on approach over theory

A 50-page document explaining the theory behind LEAN might be useful for a meeting, but it doesn’t solve your problem. In our experience, it just wastes time and takes up computer space. We believe that it’s more than just input and output. A hands-on approach and practical application of the theory is what gets you the outcome you’re after, and that’s where we thrive.

focus on collaboration and sustainable improvement

Our methods focus on sustainable improvement, always. We work alongside your people and train them to apply our processes, principles and behaviours so your business improvement doesn’t just spike while we’re with you, it’s sustained long after we’re gone.

Partner with Penmark: Make a mark. Leave a legacy.