Know something in your organisation needs to change but unsure exactly what or how to make it happen?

That’s where Penmark and our people’s LEAN expertise comes in. LEAN isn’t just some American lingo. It’s a globally recognised way of thinking that — when implemented in the right ways — causes rapid improvement to both blue-collar operational and white-collar management systems.

If you’re not familiar with LEAN thinking, imagine a bucket full of hundreds of small stones and a handful of rocks. What is the quickest way to improve the bucket’s capacity? The rocks are easier to find and easier to remove. So, by focusing on and removing only the rocks, you can bring about the quickest reduction in volume in the bucket using the least effort. Thus causing a rapid improvement.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Caroline Raynor MCIfA

Project Manager, Principal Archaeologist, Costain/Skanska

“Penmark offers a bespoke service, providing a highly trained and experienced group of staff to identify potential areas for business improvement. The team demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand requirements, identify needs and methods of improvement and implement them in a way which gained a positive buy-in from staff at all levels and across a number of diverse disciplines.”

Luke Harris

Principal Materials Engineer, Jean Lefebvre (UK) Limited (Sub-Contractor)

“Before Penmark introduced measures to track delivery of Walk Talk Build’s and the tri-party agreed surfacing treatments, prioritisation of sites appeared somewhat ad-hoc. The processes implemented by Penmark have enabled the team to focus their attention on schemes based on chronology of delivery according to programme of works.”

Find out more about our LEAN approach

Does your current reality look something like this?

You’re unable to deliver an organisational project on time and/or to budget without support. You have targets to meet and you’ll do what it takes to meet them.

You’ve recently won work and have either overspent, are behind on programme/deliverables, or aren’t meeting KPIs. Something needs to change, fast.

You know something is “wrong” but aren’t sure what it is or what support you actually need.

Your team seems resistant to change and they’re wary (or even suspicious) of letting outsiders in.

You’ve attempted to improve things in-house, but you need expert guidance and more support.

If you nodded (or sighed) along to any of the above, a group of LEAN business experts is exactly what you need. Penmark will help you figure out exactly what the root cause of the issues is and come up with a results-focused action plan. Our whole approach is built to engage, educate and empower the people on the ground, so they not only embrace but actually help drive change. Plus, we’ll seamlessly enter your organisation, implement bespoke sustainable improvements and exit again (just as seamlessly).

A few things we’re great at

Experts in delivering sustainable business improvement and training

Depth and breadth of expertise in LEAN and business management

Use specialist processes, principles and behaviours in our work

Programme management and commercial management come as standard

Focus on educating, engaging and empowering people first, and processes second

Fit into (and then remove ourselves from) your organisation in a seamless way

Partner with us and overcome your time, budget, or people challenges (or all three) fast